Numerical: Calculator Without Equal
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No equals button.
No comparison.

Numerical is designed to be the fastest, smartest, most delightful calculator for iOS. Adopting an aggressively minimal design it’s been winning accolades since it’s release.

  • “This could be the best calculator ever” – TUAW
  • “Exactly what a simple iOS app should be” – BGR
  • “Makes more sense than Apple’s app” – MacStories
  • “A superb choice” – Beautiful Pixels
  • “One of my favourite apps I’ve seen this year” – The Industry

9 beautiful themes.
9 beautiful calculators.

Whether it’s smart Grey, popstar Purple or serene Space, the right answer will always look great.
Available via IAP.

Easy To Apply

Every theme is a single swipe away. Try a new one every day!

Dark Theme

A smart hueless theme for when you need to get serious.

Minimal design.
Maximum delight.

Self Aware Buttons

Numerical makes it easier to ask the right question, by sensibly hiding illegal buttons.

Intelligent Brackets

As you work brackets are automatically added and the bracket key knows which one you need next.

Delightful Personality

Every tap and swipe is accompanied by a beautiful animation and crisp sound.

Plain Language

Errors are shown in plain language and numbers are formatted to international standards.

Automatic History.
No extra work.

As you work your calculations are automatically saved to the History view. You’re always one swipe away from a solved solution.

Undo & Redo

Undo and redo your work with left and right swipes. Swipe up to save a question or down to use the answer.


Delete old questions or mistyped queries. Clear it all to start from scratch.

Copy & Paste

From the main view you can tap to copy or paste the question and the answer.

Universal for iPhone and iPad. Crunch numbers wherever you go.

Numerical: Calculator Without Equal

Available NOW on the App Store

Download V1.2 Press Kit